Text 4 Dec Haven’t been keeping up to date I’ve been playing a few really great ages tho
Photo 30 Oct 4 notes Lilith posing

Lilith posing

Photo 30 Oct 2 notes Gamer girlfriends rock

Gamer girlfriends rock

Photo 26 Oct 4 notes
Text 23 Oct 1 note Almost done with AC 3 then it’s on to bioshock infinite
Photo 21 Oct 13 notes
Photo 20 Oct 1 note X_0


Video 19 Oct 5 notes


Photo 18 Oct 3 notes Took us forever to kill.

Took us forever to kill.

Photo 18 Oct 2 notes ninja colonial.

ninja colonial.

Text 17 Oct 1 note Brolands…I mean borderlands…=D
Photo 17 Oct 1 note floating corpses

floating corpses

Photo 17 Oct 33 notes
Video 15 Oct
Photo 14 Oct 4 notes My night… =D

My night… =D

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